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TriBest Citri-Star Citrus Juicers

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The Citri Star Citrus Juicer is made by Tribest who also manufacture the multi award winning Green Star twin gear juicer and the z star manual wheatgrass juicer.

TriBest Citri-Star Citrus Juicers

This citrus specific juicer makes it a lot quicker to make citrus juices than more general fruit and vegetable juicers because the oranges / grapefruit do not need peeling. Simply chop the fruit in half and press a half down on the reaming cone. The pressure on the cone automatically starts it spinning so that it starts extracting the juice.

The reaming cone is suitable for efficiently juicing oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes and pomegranate.

The motor is quiet in operation compared to many other juicers.

A sloping juice collector sits underneath the reamer and ensures efficient juice collection and helps prevent clogging. The stainless steel fine screen acts like a strainer and ensures the collected juice that is ejected through the spout remains pip and pulp free and prevents the spout from clogging.

When you have finished juicing you can flip the spout up to prevent the straggling drops of juice dripping out onto the counter top.

Cleaning is a breeze as the removable parts simply need a quick rinse or you can put them through the dishwasher as they are dishwasher safe.

The power cable cord length is adjustable which means you won't have unnecessary cord cluttering up your work surface and causing a safety risk. The citri star comes with a dust cover that enables you to keep the juicer on the counter top permanently.

We think that the citri star has blown away the competition at this price range in the citrus juicer market.

Citri-Star Highlights

  • Features a unique, high-clearance, anti-drip stainless-steel spout which prevents clogging and unwanted leaks
  • Features a stainless steel juicing screen which prevents any pips from finding their way into your juice
  • Powerful yet extremely quiet motor which makes quick work of all your favourite citrus fruits - the only appliance needed for all your citrus juicing needs.
  • With its universal reaming cone and extra large juicing screen, it's easy to do any size of citrus fruit from grapefruit to limes - getting every last drop of juice out!
  • Featuring an automatic start/stop function, the juicer will only work when pressure is applied to the reaming cone.
  • Features handy cord storage on the base to prevent trailing wires.
  • Easy to clean - only 2 parts to wash and Dishwasher safe


  • Dimensions (l x w x h) 190x230mm
  • Weight 3kg
  • Parts Warranty 1 year
  • Motor Warranty 1 year
  • Colour White


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