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Nesco FD-1040 Gardenmaster Digital Pro Food Dehydrator

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The NEW Nesco FD-1040 replaces the FD-1020 with a new digitally controlled top mounted fan design. The top mount fan prevents any dripping of what youåÈre dehydrating into the heater chamber. The FD-1040 can be expanded to support up to 20 trays which is one of the largest capacities available for dehydrators. The heater operates at 1000 watts, in order to support the expansion ability, and it also dries faster.

The FD-1040 utilizes the patented Converga-Flow design which channels the heat down the sides of a pressurized air chamber, and then distributes the air horizontally and evenly to each tray level, to ensure fast, consistent drying.

The fan that moves the air is run by a powerful 2400 RPM motor that moves the air quietly and efficiently.

The digital control allows for the precise control of the included adjustable thermostat. Set your drying to between 90-160 degrees F so you can set your dehydrator to the exact temperature you need for the best results every time.

Included FREE With the FD-1040

  • 1 Free fruit roll sheet - so you can make taffy, fruit leathers and crackers, or anything that starts as a puree or liquid.
  • 1 Clean-A-Screen flexible screen - so you can dry your smaller items like herbs, spices and potpourri.
  • 1 Free Jerky Spice packet and cure - to get you started on making jerky right away