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Green Star Juicer GS-3000

$724.99 $800.00

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A favourite with raw food enthusiasts, the Green Star GS 3000 is the most popular twin-gear juicer on the market. The Green Star GS 3000 uses twin gears to crush produce, and expel the highest quality juice richer in taste, and deeper in colour than all other juicers. The only juicer you will ever need, the GreenStar juices hard roots (carrots, ginger) to fibrous stalks (celery, rhubarb) to even the toughest leafy greens especially kale & wheatgrass. No other juicer is better at unleashing every drop of nutrition from fresh produce, whilst retaining the enzymes and vitamins to boost your health.
The GS 3000 is the upgrade of the GS1000. It is the same model but upgraded to include a Coarse Screen, Strainer, Drip Tray,rice cake guide, and the pasta attachment.

Green Star Twin Gear Technology

The Green Star uses twin gears to crush the produce and expel the juice. These twin gears are made of Stainless Steel with plastic ends and are patented as they contain magnets and bioceramic materials in them. These magnets and bioceramic materials are said to extract higher levels of minerals out of the produce and also give fresher juice that's enzymes and vitamins have a longer shelf life.


The twin gears operate at a very low speed (110 RPM) when compared to many other juicers which helps to considerably slow down the oxidation of nutrients. There is also virtually no or very little heat transfer thus helping in retaining enzyme content. Indeed the technology of the Green Star twin gears enables carrot juice to be stored for up to 2 days in the fridge without significant loss of nutritional value.

Award Winning Green Star 3000 Highlights

  • Exclusive low-speed, quiet and heavy-duty Twin-Gear impeller press system operates with minimal noise, friction and heat, preserving even the most fragile nutrients
  • Heavy duty Twin Gear Juicing Technology produces higher juice yield and enhances nutritional value of every drop
  • Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing and easier clean-up
  • Robust plastic design easy to clean using special brush provided
  • Impeller press system of twin gears enables continuous juicing
  • Able to juice virtually anything, including wheatgrass, hard fruits and vegetables
  • Able to homogenise foods to make sorbets, nut butters, baby foods and more
  • Carries a 5-year parts and labour warranty

Green Star 3000 Parts Included


  • Homogenising Screen
  • Vegetable Screen
  • Soft-Fruit Screen
  • Plastic Pusher
  • Wooden Pusher
  • Brush
  • Glass Jug
  • Vegetable Adjuster
  • Soft-Fruit Adjuster
  • Drip Tray
  • Strainer
  • rice cake guide
  • pasta attachment


  • 6.5 [w] x 12 [h] x 18.5 [d] in
  • Built-in Carrying Handle
  • Built-in Cord Storage
  • 110 RPM Turning Speed
  • 190 Watt Motor
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Shipping Weight: 30.5 lbs
  • Manufactured by: Tribest Corporation
  • Colour: White

Green Star Awards

  • 2007, Gold Award of Excellence in the equipment category at the 2007 Canadian Health Food Association's (CHFA) trade show.
  • Oct 2005, Gold Award of Excellence Equipment ALIVE Academy of Nutrition Awards.
  • 2004 Best Health Benefits Juicer Happyjuicer.com Awards
  • Sept 2004, Gold Award of Excellence Equipment ALIVE Academy of Nutrition Awards.
  • June 2003, 1st Place Stiftung Warentest - (German Consumer Reports)
  • Sept 2002, Silver Award of Excellence Equipment ALIVE Academy of Nutrition Awards. Awards won by the Green Power Gold model include:
  • Sept. 1996, Best Product Equipment and General Health ALIVE Academy of Nutrition Awards.
  • Oct. 1994, Gold Prize at the New Products Exhibition Germany.
  • Sept. 1994 Silver Prize at the IntåÈl New Technology Exhibition Los Angeles, U.S.A.
  • May 1994, Grand Prize at the åÈ94 World Invention Contest Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
  • May 1993, Grand Prize at the åÈ93 World Invention Contest Pittsburgh, U.S.A

Quick Facts
Soft Fruits, Vegetables
Automatic pulp ejection
Anti jamming reverse rotation
Color White
Motor 190 Watts, 110 RPM
Shipping Weight (lbs) 25
Dimensions 6.5" W x 18.5" D x 12" H
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy to disassemble/assemble
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Sure grip carrying handle
  • Includes coarse screen,drip tray, strainer, mochi attachment & pasta maker
5 Year Warranty